Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Never Shout Never AP Tour Coverage

One of our DJs, Steve Gula of Digital Pizza Parlor from 4-6pm on Sunday afternoons won a press pass to the House of Blues Orlando and took some photos of the Never Shout Never AP Tour show! Great job Steve! Thanks!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


A very exciting message from Emily Reo, WPRK Station manager

"Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that after Thursday's proposal to the SEPC, our WPRKPALOOZA has been confirmed! Basic information is:

October 10th at Mary Jean Plaza

WPRK DJ's bands from appx. 12-6pm
Headliners from appx. 7-10pm (times are still relatively tentative, just a basic outline)

Headliners are: Pattern is Movement, Cryptacize & Destroyer (as voted by staff)
WPRK DJ's bands and schedule to be announced within the week."

For more on these bands, click below to visit their myspace pages.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Meowming All!

Another splendiferous week floated by here at WPRK. With the help of our hardworking and beautiful DJs, we finished purging our library in only 4 hours. With the help of my new workstudy assistant, we should have the library spotless and spiffy in no time flat.

I was thinking about this recently, but I have never seen a living thing give birth in person. I haven't even seen something lay an egg. It seems like we see things (insects, small woodland creatures traversing traffic) die all the time, but I've never seen the birth part of the circle of life. It seems deep doesn't it? Its not. Its just how I decided to tell you that the birth of CMJ Top 5 Adds from WPRK has been a smashing success. I have seen this birth from its conception, to now, the terrible twos (two weeks). CDs that recieve this nondivine intervention have a 99% chance of being the awesomest of the week.

So here's what you've all been waiting for, the charts and adds of the week. Without further ado...

Click for the NEW MUSIC PAGE

-DJ Catface Meowmers

Friday, September 4, 2009

Peter Bjorn & John

Recently WPRK gave away tickets to the Peter Bjorn and John show at The Social. Kelsey (Local Music Director) and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the sold-out show and join our ticket-winners in experiencing the joyous jaunts of Peter Bjorn and John's musical magnificence.

The show was a pleasant surprise. The band brought the birr from the very first song and kept energy high as they brought the audience along on one of the most epic musical voyages of our time. There was not a dull moment and the chemistry between audience and band was roaring.

At the end of the night the affable fellows stayed out to sign autographs and converse with the fans. The night was enjoyed by all.

Peter Bjorn and John and Carly and Kelsey in the photobooth

Webmaster & Personnel Director

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Currently watching Appleseed at the Plaza Theatre. Earlier I saw Wheels Above, the Collective, and the Watership Sound.Feel free to request any of these locals!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Running Red Lights

Proof those little cameras that sit atop intersections throughout Orlando actually work arrived at my doorstep last week. It came in the form of a certified letter from the post man. Oh, how I wished I hadn't crawled out of bed that morning.

Three photos of the backside of my car cruising through the intersection of E. Michigan St. and Dixie Belle Dr. accompanied a price tag of $125!

Don't do what I do, kids. In all fairness though, it appears as though I'm applying the brakes in all three pictures, at least making some effort to stop and/or slow down before coasting through the intersection.

What's worse is that I hardly remembered driving around that area that particular day, until it all came flooding back to me.

At just before noon I was jamming out to the James Brown "In The Jungle Groove" album. So now, in my time of desperate need, I call upon the spirit of The Godfather of Soul to help bail me out of this one...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Intro To Let You Know

For a little over a month now I've contemplated diving into the depths of the WPRK blogosphere.

During that time I spent too much money on overpriced drinks at Club Firestone while witnessing the live shows of Hank Williams III, Atmosphere and Solillaquists of Sound on the big stage. At least the ticket prices were fair. I've also been downloading music, burning CD's, and buying too many albums on the very day they've been released.

But did I mention I no longer have a job? Priorities can get screwed up the longer you sit around on your backside. But I've never been happier in all of my short existence.

Maybe it's the volunteer work I do every Wednesday morning that keeps things balanced. That's when, from 10 a.m.-12 noon on the campus of Rollins College, I blend the likes of hip-hop, rock, alternative, old school rhythm and blues, and any and every sound in between on the Tow Away Zone. Many times there are hidden messages attached. Other times just some good music to listen to.

It's not so much about the artists that make up the set list, as it's the songs themselves that deliver the goods.